Dr.  Tama Lane, received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is advocate for survivors of trauma and torture, including those impacted by the cycle of community violence. She has worked in Chicago, New York, including Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture, the Occupied Palestinian Territory (West Bank) and France. Dr. Lane has also lived in Jordan where she operated a locally run torture treatment center helping refugee survivors psychologically recover from war trauma and torture.

She is also a contributing writer for the W42ST Magazine where she steps out of the trauma arena to discuss life, love, breaking free of toxic and co-dependent relationships, and men’s issues in the concrete jungle of Manhattan. As a believer in the mind/body relationship, she is also certified Yoga instructor.

Dr. Lane’s professional experiences have fueled a commitment to service diverse populations affected by various life stressors and the stigma of mental illness. She has a particular interest in the psychological trauma of individuals affected by war trauma and torture, refugee displacement, and violence in marginalized communities, both locally and internationally. Dr Lane is committed to understanding the aftermath and legacy of violence, their social implications and the manner in which they influence and jeopardize human development, and leapfrog from one generation to the next.

Dr. Lane considers herself a social entrepreneur and continues to develop projects and facilitate educational workshops in New York and abroad. She recently created a pilot program, in Jordan and New York, with the purpose of intersecting mental wellness, body-based practices (yoga & meditation), and expressive art therapy for children who are impacted by abuse, poverty, parental incarceration, community violence, and bullying.

After graduating top in her class and receiving her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Lane completed a prestigious two-year fellowship at Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture, a torture treatment center in the New York City area treating survivors of torture and war trauma from 80 different countries. Additionally, she has trained and worked at various New York hospitals and clinics, providing clinical and therapeutic interventions for children with recent histories of physical and sexual abuse, children infected with HIV, and in-patient populations. She has trained at various hospitals in Chicago, including John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County conducting emergency room assessments and the Ruth M. Rothstein Core Center, treating prenatal and postnatal females with HIV and AIDS. Dr Lane is also certified in the administration of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

Dr. Lane has given international presentations for Medicins du Monde/France. In this capacity, Dr. Lane wrote two manuals, “Biopsychosocial Assessment,” and “Basic Psychotherapy Skills” for Medicins du Monde/France and trained their local mental health professionals in the West Bank.

Dr. Lane’s extensive clinical experience focuses on program development and facilitating educational workshops that address a range of cognitive and emotional conditions in adults, children, and families:
  • The Aftermath of Trauma & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Therapy for Men
  • Relationships…Relationships…Relationships!!!
  • Couples Therapy
  • Adult and Childhood Trauma
  • Adolescent Therapy
  • EMDR
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Body Based Practices: Mindful Meditation and Yoga